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Don Vinson, 1675 Los Osos Valley Road, #119
Los Osos, CA 93402

(805) 704-5778





Necessary Information About Our Trail Rides

There is no other place where you can experience rides like this. The scenery is so spectacular it has been used as the backdrop for many movies and television programs. Our Navajo guides are experts at leading us on fascinating rides and they share their history, stories, traditional music and dance. The fellowship you'll be part of is like no other, giving you an experience of a lifetime.

Booking Your Ride

If you have your own group you want to book for, we are happy to accommodate you. See the Information and Schedule page for our fees and minimum deposits.

The full amount of the ride must be paid a month in advance - before the first of April for Spring rides and before the first of August for Fall rides. If you prefer, you can reschedule for any ride within the next year without any additional charge.

If the ride you are interested in is booked, I do keep a waiting list in case someone needs to cancel.  Ride packets will be available online this year. If you have a problem, please contact us.

Rides are not cancelled for weather. You need to be prepared for all conditions.

What to Expect

We ride five full days with each ride, returning to the base camp in the evening. Campers can bring tents, horse trailers with campers, or motor homes. The road going in is a little rough, but we go slow and you can make it.

We arrive at base camp late Sunday afternoon and will be met by our Navajo guides. After dinner, we'll gather around a big fire while our guide tells you about the upcoming week's rides. Anticipate some songs and drumming.

Valley Ride: Meet at Gouldings in the shopping center parking lot at 1:00 pm on Sunday. Come early if you need to shop, as we need to make sure that we are settled in for dinner at 6:30 pm and the rider meeting after that. We'll have 20 pens for horses. These pens go to the first 24 riders who pay their ride fee in full. The pens go fast, so book early. (Click here to see Map to Gouldings)

Douglas Mesa Ride: This will also be a great ride. It is 12 miles north of the valley and has a good road into it. There is a fantastic view of wide open plains canyons, draws, wild horses, and Indian ruins. Camp will be open after 12:00pm Saturday. You don't have to be guided in.

What you get:

  • 3 dinners (Sun, Thurs, Fri)
  • Horse Water
  • Water to refill your fresh water tanks
  • Porta Potties

Note: you normally need to bring your own horse and equipment. We do have horses to rent if needed for an additional charge.


The ride also provides three of the evening meals, all cooked by the Navahos. Bring donations and tips for our hosts.

We split up into 2 or three groups to provide meals for 3 days at a time - pot luck. We have a great time at our pot-luck dinners. Our guides always join us.

You provide your food for most meals (see above) and drinking water and your horse's food. We provide your horse's water, holding tank water, and water for shower bags and toilets.

Children and Dogs

Children twelve and older are welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian. No dogs will be allowed on the trail. In camp, all dogs must be tied or on a leash.

Trail Ride

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Hi Don and Paula:

I just wanted to thank you again for a lovely, lovely time.   The Navajo fellows make it so much fun with their singing, drumming, dancing etc.  Our daughter loved every day of it and we both enjoyed having her with us like that.   That sweet Paula of yours is quite a gal (to know her is to love her!!).   She was so helpful when Lonnie's black horse, Scout, seemed out of sorts and didn't eat.   I think he was just plain tired!

We wish you well,  Happy Trails.

Lonnie and Lillian Joslin


Happy Trails! I'll see you on the ride!

         Don Vinson

Don Vinson, 1675 Los Osos Valley Road, #119
Los Osos, CA 93402

(805) 704-5778



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